Digital Forensics Training

Digital Forensic Training

Welcome to an Exceptional Learning Hub where We Aim to Empower Individuals, Investigators, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Businesses with the Latest Tools and Knowledge required to Solve Digital Crimes.

Explore our Comprehensive Digital Forensic Training platform that provides individuals with the right knowledge and skills to investigate digital evidence.

Expert Rating for Our Digital Forensics Training
4.8 ✭✭✭✭✭
Robert Harts

What elevates this training to another level is the effective blending of theory and its practical applications through a real-world danger hunt scenario. Thoroughly learned and enjoyed!

Digital Forensics Training
5.0 ✭✭✭✭✭
Pranay Vyas

Digital forensics was a daunting subject for me, but ForensicWare made it accessible and engaging. The training materials were comprehensive, and the instructors were patient and knowledgeable. I'm grateful for the skills I've gained and am excited to apply them in my career.


Who is the Digital Forensic Training Bundle For?


The training course is designed for students with the aim of providing them with a foundational understanding of digital forensics principles and techniques. The curriculum includes the basics of digital forensics, including data recovery, evidence handling, the use of forensic tools, etc.


Corporate IT security professionals can take the Digital Forensic Training Course to strengthen their incident response capabilities. They can learn incident response strategies, malware analysis, network forensics, and the use of digital forensic tools, etc. to identify and mitigate security breaches.


This training course is specially designed for law enforcement officials so that they can eaily solve cyber crimes and gather evidence for legal proceedings. They will be trained for evidence handling & digital evidence analysis & be equipped with the knowledge of tools for computer and mobile device forensics.


Our Advanced Digital Forensic Training Course

We believe in providing master-level training to experienced professionals to equip them with advanced skills.

Social Media Forensics

Learn the skill to perform cyber crime investigations in social media such as WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. Also, become an expert in tracing a person using social media artifacts.

Cyber Incident Analysis

Master to examine security incidents to understand their nature, scope, and impact. Indulge in learning the forensic examination of affected systems, network traffic analysis, malware analysis, and the development of incident reports for legal or regulatory purposes.

Telecom Log Analysis

In our advanced digital forensic training course, get in-depth knowledge on how to examine and interpret telecom logs that include CDRs, text messages, timestamps, etc to gather crucial evidence.

digital forensic training
digital forensic course


Why Choose Our Digital Forensic Training Program?

Our training program is engineered to match the way today’s cybersecurity professionals prefer to learn.

  • Learn From the Great Industry leaders and protect your career
  • Highly Certified Training Program whose certifications surely give weightage to your career.
  • This Digital forensic Training program helps you to become an expert in Digital Forensic Investigation.
  • Highly condensed live training by an expert instructor.
  • Provides both Entry levels and advanced levels of digital media training to make beginners an expert and groom their forensic know-how.
  • Plan to learn about the Darkweb, Malware Forensics, cyber forensics basics, Digital Forensics tools and so much more!
  • The interactive labs component ensures learners receive hands-on practical experience in digital forensics.
  • Our digital forensic training includes learning the common File formats.
  • Basics of Window File System Forensics( FAT & NTFS)
  • Our proficient Digital Forensic Solutions are built on the latest technology, ensuring that you have the best resources at your disposal.
  • Advanced Data Acquisition Techniques.
  • Training for Data Recovery Tools (Medica, Applit, MailXaminer, etc)
  • Live RAM Analysis
  • Popular Forensics Hardware & Software training.
  • Proper time-to-time Updates of Forensics News.


Commonly Asked Questions

Digital forensic training is a structured program where forensic experts impart their knowledge on how to investigate and analyze digital devices and data for legal and cybersecurity purposes. The course structure may vary for different individuals having different experience levels. The training module plays an important role in helping individuals solve cyber crimes and protect digital assets.

The training program can benefit a wide range of professionals, including law enforcement officers, IT security professionals, lawyers, auditors, and anyone interested in cybersecurity and digital investigations.

Prerequisites can vary based on the particular course you are opting for. However, basic computer skills and a foundational understanding of computer systems and networks are often recommended. Whereas advanced courses call for specific prerequisites.

The course time is not fixed. It depends on your course selection. Thus, the durations may vary, ranging from a few days for short workshops to several months for comprehensive certification programs.

The digital forensic training is categoried in three parts. Beginner, Intermediate and Master. Here is the course highlight.

  • Incident Response & On-screen Triage (Beginner, Intermediate & Master)
  • Disk Forensics (Beginner, Intermediate & Master)
  • Cyber Forensics Basics (Beginner)
  • Introduction to IP Address (Intermediate)
  • Digital Forensics Tools (Beginner, Intermediate & Master)
  • Different Types of Cyber Attacks (Beginner, Intermediate & Master)
  • Introduction To Cyber World (Beginner)
  • Cyber World- In-depth Analysis (Beginner)
  • Operating Systems (Intermediate)
  • Cyber Crime Investigations (Beginner, Master)
  • Social Media & Cyber Crime- Understand the Relations (Master)
  • Cyber Incidents & Investigations and Analysis (Master)
  • Advanced Device Forensics (Master)
  • Information gathering, Collation, analysis & dissemination (Master)
  • Telecom Log Analysis (Master)
  • Introduction to Laws & IT Acts (Master)

Digital forensic training can lead to careers in law enforcement, cybersecurity, IT forensics, incident response, e-discovery, and as expert witnesses in legal cases.


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