Digital Forensics as a Service (DFAS)

Digital Forensic Services

Achieve a Smooth, Accurate, and Actionable Investigation with our Seasoned Digital Forensic Experts. We provide an extensive range of services across all industries to meet the unique forensic needs of clients.

Experience the Next Generation Digital Forensic Capabilities. Identify, Seize, Acquire, Analyze, and Generate Reports in a Forensically Sound Manner.

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Expert Rating for Our Digital Forensics Services
4.8 ✭✭✭✭✭
George Jefferson

I was in a state of panic when a company faced a data breach. Forensicware swift response and expert analysis not only helped us secure but also provided vital evidence for legal proceedings. Their professionalism and expertise were outstanding.

Digital Forensics as a Service
5.0 ✭✭✭✭✭
Abraham Edison

We were looking for a professional forensic service partner who could perform an investigation on emails. Luckily we got to know forensicsware digital forensic services, we approached them and then they professionally and stably handled our case.


Our Comprehensive Digital Forensic Services

Digital Investigation

We thoroughly investigate digital gadgets to find the hidden truth by using highly advanced techniques, hardware & highly capable tools that are specially designed for digital forensic services.

Mobile Forensics

Our expert team deeply inspects digital traces behind mobile devices. Also, they have the expertise in recovering, analyzing, & preserving digital evidence from smartphones, and tablets accurately.

Disk Forensics

Our forensic experts apply a systematic examination of disk structures, file systems, & data storage of hard drives, external storage devices, & other disk-based media to extract digital evidence.

Email Forensics

This a part of our digital forensic services where we specialize in investigating and analyzing email headers, content, attachments, timestamps, routing information, & related metadata to uncover evidence for legal or investigative purposes.

Top Notch Service

Cutting Edge Digital Forensic Services

We are equipped with dedicated resources such as forensic labs, tools, and equipment to investigate cases effectively.

Forensics Data Analysis

We apply systematic processes and employ specialized methodologies to extract digital data from corresponding sources. Later, our forensic analysts use those data to uncover patterns, defects, and meaningful insights for investigative or legal purposes.

Data Recovery & Acquisition

We are experts in gathering and restoring digital information from various sources and devices. Our forensic experts carefully collect digital evidence, preserve its integrity, and maintain a strict chain of custody. Also, they have the expertise in the restoration of lost, damaged, or deleted data.

Forensic Investigation Training

Our Digital Forensic Service includes well-structured Digital Forensic Training. We focus on educating & empowering police officials and law enforcement agencies by enlightening them about the latest tools and other skills.

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What Makes Our Digital Forensic Services Stand Out?

Here are some exceptional factors of forensic services that set us apart from others.

  • Sophisticated Digital Forensic Tools to investigate cases and no other external reliance is involved.
  • Highly experienced and certified examiners are available round the clock in your service.
  • We have more than 7 years of expertise in the field of digital forensics.
  • We have cracked 8033+ cases worldwide with 100K+ trusted clients using our services.
  • Serving individuals and global enterprises across the different parts of the world such as USA, UAE, Europe & Canada.
  • Dedicated Forensic expert team in supporting technical assessment requirements ensuring compliance with key global regulations.


Commonly Asked Questions

A. Digital forensic services involve a wide range of digital forensic capabilities that uses specialized tools, software, hardware, and trained professional who can carve out the evidence required for investigation. It’s very important in criminal investigation, incident response, intellectual property protection, etc.

A. We use in-house digital forensic solutions which doesn’t involve any third party making those solutions secure and more trustworthy.

A. We follow a structured industry-standard approach i.e. Plan, Seize, Acquire, Analyze, and Report.

A. We follow our predefined and flexible procedures to collect evidence and further ensure it remains unaltered which can be admissible in court.

A. Well, digital forensics primarily focuses on post-incident investigation. However, the investigation provides insights into security gaps through which organizations can strengthen their security measures. So, it may not directly but indirectly play a role in preventing data breaches.

A. The duration of the complete investigation process depends on the complexity of the case. Some may be resolved within days whereas some may take months to completely close the case.

A. The quotes are not fixed and they vary according to the client’s requirements. You can contact our team to know the quotes for your specific requirements.


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