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Who Are We - Team of cyber crime investigators exploring the in-house expertise to tackle with investigative challenges by providing both forensic services as well as training to individuals to international law enforcement agencies.

Why Are We Here - To provide a combination of forensics advisory assistance, solution, services, and training for carrying out digital forensics litigation from evidence sources like electronic media and storage.

What Do We Do - Help end users like you, overcome complicated forensic challenges in short delivery cycle with customized training and services.

What Will You Get - We assist you with everything ranging from legacy systems, processes and infrastructure to lead complete digital forensic investigation.

We Help You To Set Your Cyber Lab

Offering assistance to make you pre-equipped in your next case. Get a complete Cyber Lab Kit with all Software + Hardware configuration essential to carve data from custodians. Join FORESICSWARE Lab setup program to make yourself all set to win the race in Thick & Thins of any investigation.