Managed SOC as a Service

Managed SOC Services

Trusted SOC as a Service provider/partner with skilled cybersecurity professionals. We employ a combination of technology and processes to detect, analyze, and respond to security incidents and breaches in real time.

Proactively monitor and defend an organization's digital assets, networks, and systems against emerging cybersecurity threats.

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SOC Service Ratings
4.8 ✭✭✭✭✭
Sam Enderson

Our organization partnered with Forensicsware for their Managed SOC services. Their expertise in this field is outsatnding. I must say their active monitoring and swift incident response helped us mitigate potential security breaches.

SOC Services
5.0 ✭✭✭✭✭
Adam Williams

Our relationship with the Forenicsware team dates back more than a year for their Managed SOC services, and over that time they have shown us how dedicated and professional they can be when it comes to meeting our security demands. We can relax knowing that we're in good hands because of their expertise and promptness.


Reinforce Your Defenses with Managed SOC Services

24X7 Monitoring

Our experts take proven measures and monitor assets round the clock to reduce the false positive rate and identify malicious activities as soon as possible.

Compliance Management

Our managed SOC services ensure the organization's cybersecurity practices adhere to relevant industry standards, regulations, and internal policies.

MITRE Framework

Our managed SOC service include the MITRE ATT&CK framework for categorizing cyber threats by detailing various tactics, techniques, and procedures to enhance mitigation capabilities.

UEBA Analysis

We employ User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) to detect anomalous or suspicious activities, deviations from normal behavior patterns, and potential security threats.


Next-Generation SOC as a Service by Forensicsware

We are equipped with resources and technologies such that our clients can stay one step ahead of cyber threats.

Root Cause Analysis

With Root Cause Analysis (RCA), our SOC team identifies and addresses the underlying reasons for security gaps. By understanding the root causes, they can not only resolve the immediate issue but also implement long-term solutions to prevent similar incidents from recurring.

Incidence Response

Our Managed SOC service focuses on deploying a systematic and well-structured approach to manage and mitigate cybersecurity incidents. The aim here is to minimize the impact of security incidents.

Maintained Activity Log

When it comes to keeping logs, we provide some of the best log retention policy. Activity logs are kept up to date by our team for a full year at no additional expense. Ensuring comprehensive and cost-effective compliance and security.

managed SOC service provider
Managed SOC Services


What Sets Our Managed SOC Services Apart?

Here are some of the signature benefits of our services that make us stand out from others.

  • Proactive identification of threats and prompt handling of security events.
  • Ongoing observation to detect threats early.
  • Better cybersecurity knowledge and round-the-clock assistance.
  • Cost-effective and scalable security systems.
  • Lowered corporate risk and enhanced adherence.
  • Safeguarding vital assets and sensitive data.
  • Insightful information for enhancing security posture.
  • Mitigation of emerging online dangers.
  • Leave security to the pros and concentrate on your core business.


Commonly Asked Questions

A managed security operations center (SOC) is a cybersecurity solution in which an outside vendor continuously watches over and maintains an enterprise's security infrastructure, recognizes and handles security events, and assists in defending against online attacks.

Continuous security monitoring, threat detection, incident response, vulnerability management, and cybersecurity expertise provision are typical tasks carried out by a Managed SOC.

An in-house SOC is created and run by the company itself, while managed ones are contracted out to a separate supplier. Access to a team of professionals and cost-effectiveness are two benefits of this service.

Organizations of all sizes, including small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and corporations seeking to strengthen their cybersecurity posture and safeguard sensitive data, can benefit from this service.

Advanced threat detection tools, security information and event management (SIEM) systems, and knowledgeable analysts are used by a managed security operations center to watch for anomalous activity, evaluate alerts, and quickly address security issues.

Yes, the service can frequently be adjusted to meet the particular needs of your company. Suppliers can modify their offerings to satisfy your unique security requirements and compliance specifications.

The degree of service, the size of your company, and the complexity of your IT infrastructure can all affect the price. It could depend on variables like the number of users or devices under observation.

Take into account elements like the provider's experience, track record, adaptability, scalability, and capacity to support the objectives and legal requirements of your company.

Both the services are used to monitor and secure the IT infrastructure. However, the focus is different. SOC focuses on monitoring, detecting, analyzing, and taking action against security incidents in real time. However, managed NOC services focuses on smooth execution of network operations such as application delivery, maintainence, recovery from natural disasters.


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