09, SEP, 2014


B.M.I.C.H, Colombo, Srilanka

Ground Zero Summit (G0S), the Asia's largest Information Security gathering took place on the 09th and 10th of September, 2014. Team FORENSICSWARE got an opportunity to share their experiences with the renowned delegates from around the world. The main agendas on which the team focused were various cyber threats, including the data threats, and other online vulnerabilities. In addition to this, Team FORENSICWARE also presented its signature tool, MailXaminer – a one stop solution for Forensic Investigation of Emails.

30, AUG, 2014

Appeared @ THE HACKERS CONFERENCE 2014 With Leading Hackers

India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India

Team FORENSICSWARE attended The Hackers Conference held on 30th August, 2014 at the India Habitat Center, New Delhi. The event was organized by 'The Hackers News' and was one of its kind. World leading hackers and government officials were invited to speak at the event and bring awareness about the rising issues in cyberspace. During the event Team FORENSICSWARE interacted with Joint Secretary (Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. , India), Director (Cyber Security Operation at NTRO, India), National Head (Information Technology Cell BJP), Joint Director (DRDO, India) and other prominent technical speakers. The team shared their views and showcased a part of their talent in front of the delegates.

23, MAY, 2014

FORENSICSWARE Successfully Presented MailXaminer in CEIC 2014

Westin Hotel, Pune, India

FORENSICSWARE® Software actively took part in CEIC (Computer and Enterprise Investigations Conference) – 2014. CEIC is the leading and biggest conference for Electronic Discovery and Digital Investigations. This event is the largest international cyberspace security conference where incident responders and information security specialists meet up to share, expand and gain experience about the latest launched technologies in Forensics of Digital Devices, E-Discovery and Evidence Investigation. With its successful second consecutive year participation, FORENSICSWARE has presented its eDiscovery product MailXaminer in the CEIC event. This software enables its users with the facility of analyzing & examining the digital evidences i.e. the evidences available in the collected email messages.

01, MARCH, 2014

FORENSICSWARE Actively Participated in Nasscom Product Enclave 2014

Pune, India

Team FORENSICSWARE® actively participated in Nasscom Product Enclave 2014, the event that took place on 5th March 2014 at WESTIN, Pune, India. The event of the Nasscom Product Enclave takes place every year. The intention behind organizing this event is to provide opportunities for the existing as well as emerging software and application development companies in India to be the in atmosphere from where they can easily reach their target audience. FORENSICSWARE utilized this opportunity to learn about as well as share the information about the advanced and latest software applications that are blooming in the forensics, e-discovery, cloud backup and data recovery IT market.

19, NOVEMBER, 2013

Team Forensicsware Participated in PFIC

Snowbird Sat Lake City, Utah, USA

Paraben's Forensic Innovations Conference, where the topmost Law enforcement, Police and other detective agencies gathered for an open house discussion of trending topics in electronic security and investigations. The hot topics of discussions include On-scene Triage Techniques, Shadow Volumes & Windows Artifacts, Python Forensics, Mobile Forensics Logical and Physical Acquisition & Analysis, Chip-Off Forensics for Mobile Devices, USB Drive Investigation & Tracking in Multi-OS Environment etc.  MailXaminer, the signature eDiscovery tool for FORENSICSWARE team was one of the most appreciated solutions for most of the cyber scams and email forgeries ever reported.

25, OCTOBER, 2013

Marked Its Presence At The DICE 2013

India Habitat Center, New Delhi, India

DIA (Digital Investigators Association) is a nonprofit group that aims at associating the use of scientific methods and cybercrime forensics. On the 25th of October, 2013 this group organized Digital Investigation Conference & Exhibition, 2013, at the India Habitat Center of New Delhi, India as its venue. Forensicsware officially sponsored the entire event which eventually became the venue for the officers and personals from different departments of law, including; Income Tax, Cabinet Secretariat, Anti Terror Organizations, Intelligence Unit, Armed Forces, and so on. The primary forensic investigation software from Forensicsware i.e. MailXaminer was on showcase at the event.

19, MAY, 2013

Appearance Made At The CEIC 2013 Event

Rosen Shingle Creek, Orlando, FL, USA

CEIC is among the largest yearly conferences which is held by Guidance Software to cover up technological updates from the fields of eDiscovery and forensics artifacts research arena. The event took place in Orland where Forensicsware showcased its range of software solutions dedicated towards forensic recovery and analysis purposes of data especially in the email category. Introduction of secure yet cost effective solution was done at the event by Forensicsware Team to make investigations a little more convenient for law enforcement agencies. Participation of the team proved successful with their 100+ range of products matching the needs of eDiscovery experts and lawyers.

18, APRIL, 2013

Appearance Made At The CEIC 2013 Event

Vivanta by Taj, Banglore, India

Vivanta by Taj, Banglore was the venue for this conference, which turned out to be quite interesting for specialists from the field of Business Continuity. Forensicsware showcased its range of products and services that capably offered Business Continuity and disaster management along with data recovery. Being the official sponsor of the entire Conference, Forensicsware targeted towards uniting a variety of networks of people and industries. BCP (Business Continuity Planning) deals with an organization’s vulnerability towards threats of losing internal as well as external data.