NOC as a Service

Managed NOC Services

Minimize downtime and maximize efficiency. Us being NOC as a Service provider ensures that potential issues are detected and addressed before they impact operations. Our NOC team provides real-time support and incident response to effectively safeguard your network's reliability and maintaining seamless connectivity for your business.

Ensure the continuous availability, reliability, and optimal performance of your organization’s network infrastructure.

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Managed NOC
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Sam Jefferson

Working with the Forensicsware managed NOC solution has significantly increased our network uptime. We can rely on our systems to be operational around the clock, with essentially no downtime.

 Managed NOC Service
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Abraham Williams

We have been able to reduce the costs associated with hiring and training internal IT workers thanks to managed NOC services. We can distribute resources more effectively, and there is a great return on investment.


Optimize Network Performance with Managed NOC Services

Data Management

Allow our team of experts to create reports & monitor incidents at various occurrence levels so that your in-house IT team can focus on more important tasks.

24X7 Support

Get complete peace of mind by having the access to the professional managed NOC service team around the clock to tackle invisible network issues on time.

Minimize Downtime

Easily reduce downtime with remote system backups. So if the network goes down, managed NOC can restore the system remotely, which saves time & money.

Instant Incident Response

Continuous monitoring of network systems enables organizations to identify the core issue quickly before they become a threatening problem.


Defense Against Network Disruptions & Failures

Our NOC team oversees network systems to manage data storage, update software and ensure constant connectivity.

High-end Infrastructure Installation

Every business's everyday operations depend on having a robust and functional network. In light of this, we offer dependable support that is required for the wireless network's installation and setup. So, we make sure that the system is configured to minimise downtime.

Multi-Tier Model

We employ a multi-tier model NOC design, which aids in allocating duties among various NOC levels according to the engineers' experience. Managed NOC's Tier-1 engineers handle basic network difficulties, Tier-2 engineers handle somewhat more complicated problems, and Tier-3 professionals handle more intricate network issues.

Daily Report Documentation

All issues are tracked on a regular basis and documented to create reports that can be used by the IT team as a reference. Later, these daily reports are compiled into monthly reports and are used to recreate incidents to use them as a way to prevent the same problems from arising in the future.

NOC Services
NOC Services


Why Choose Our Managed NOC Services?

Here are some of the core benefits of our services that sets us apart.

  • Defence against both external and internal threats
  • End-to-end support to guarantee seamless operation
  • Individualised, need-based support
  • Continuous network surveillance
  • Modern and sophisticated infrastructure
  • Extremely knowledgeable and skilled specialists
  • Managing and reporting in real time


Commonly Asked Questions

IT specialists oversee, control, and maintain client networks and systems from a centralised location known as a Network Operations Centre (NOC). It is in charge of making sure that network infrastructure is available, performant, and secure.

A NOC's main responsibilities include proactive monitoring of system and network performance, incident detection and response, problem solving, and network availability. In addition, NOCs manage network infrastructure and perform routine maintenance.

To keep their IT infrastructure operating at peak efficiency and uptime, businesses depend on NOC services. NOCs assist in identifying and resolving network problems, reducing downtime, and guaranteeing that IT resources are available for corporate activities.

In managed SOC services, experts specialises in cybersecurity, focusing on detecting and resolving security risks and incidents, whereas a managed NOC service is primarily responsible for the monitoring and administration of network infrastructure. Together, they provide the general security and functionality of IT systems.

Think about things like knowledge, experience, services offered, cost, and the supplier's capacity to fulfil your particular business requirements when choosing a NOC service provider. Check for testimonials and recommendations from previous customers as well.

By providing 24/7 monitoring and assistance, NOC services help small organisations avoid network outages, improve security, and save operating expenses. By delegating network management to professionals, NOC services enable small enterprises to concentrate on their core competencies.


Client Reviews of Our Managed NOC Services