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Introducing a one of a kind internship program where it doesn't matter if you are from a leading and reputed institution or not. All that matters here is your individual skills and interest. FORENSICSWARE is inviting all young minds; fresh out of college for an internship program in one of the highly reputed, fascinating yet challenging arena; Cyber Forensics.


Who Can be Part of Our Forensics Intern Program ?

Educational Institutes

Students & Faculties

Law Enforcement Agencies

What's There for You to Gain at FORENSICSWARE?

  • An exceptional opportunity to learn digital forensics skills right from the experts & investigators.
  • A real–time experience of operating all the latest & hi–tech digital forensic analysis software / hardware equipments.

Perks of Internship At FORENSICSWARE

  • Esteemed Interactions
    While you are training at Forensicsware, you will get to interact with some of the esteemed members of the organization.
  • Expert Guidance
    A thorough support towards nurturing a professional as well as an expert forensic investigator in you, will constantly be provided.
  • Acadamic Flexibility
    The internship program runs throughout the year, giving a large amount of flexibility for your academic schedule.
  • Real Time Projects and Assignments
    In the duration of the internship, you will be able to become a part of some real digital forensic investigative cases by either working on them or assisting senior investigators.
  • Involve in High Profile Case studies
    In the duration of this internship program you will be given the opportunity to deal with some of the high profile cases from around the world, giving you global exposure in the arena like NASA, CBI, FBI, etc.
  • Forensicsware Label
    Forensicsware is among the top brand name's today in the arena of Digital / Cyber Forensic Investigation. Associating with the name also gives you the edge you desire.
  • Future Opportunities
    You will get to gain exposure to the latest and developing technology & business prospects by interacting with graduate, post graduate, and PhD interns from different universities and arena experts.
  • Entertainment Zone
    Group outings, Team building games and other entertainment programs are organized time to time to stimulate innovative thinking and unlock the closed thoughts within the resources.
  • Other Added Benefits
    Other than all the skill and knowledge based benefits, this internship program will also be monetarily beneficial to you. The duration of your internship will be completely paid, on a monthly basis.

A Diversified Work Environment Can Bring New Heights to Your Career

Candidate Eligibility Ratio – Our Scale For Selection

Apart from being graduates, you will need to be holding a degree in a field suitable enough to help you be eligible for joining FORENSICSWARE as an Intern. We accept candidates from the following fields of graduation:

Educational Qualification

The interns should be Graduates / Post Graduates of the following programs :

  • M.Tech
  • B. Tech
  • BE
  • MCA
  • BCA
  • GNIIT or IT/Science field
  • Degree or Diploma in Computer Forensics or Cyber Security

Technical Skills

The candidates must hold good IT / computer knowledge with adept interpersonal skills.

Other Skills

The applicants ought to have sharp technical skills related to varied Email Services, File Systems & Operating Systems.

So, don't wait and apply now to be the part of a reputed internship program.
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