Tej @Digital Forensics Expert

He works as a very significant resource for the Team FORENSICSWARE by leading them in the investigation tasks majorly. He has been working with the team for the past many years with expertise in digital forensics, academically owned and perfected with experience. His job is to minutely research, detect, and analyze the digital artifacts and work on their investigation to bring out evidences. Over the time, he has worked with a wide range of digital devices like; computers, workstations, mobile phones, CD's, Flash drives, etc. And also succeeded in bringing out a substantial amount of strong evidences.

Tej Pratab Shukla

Digital Forensics Expert

Apart from having a professional certification in computer forensics, he also owns expertise in the field of digital forensics. His exceptional interest towards the field of digital forensics is what brought him amongst the top. As part of his role in Team FORENSICSWARE, he is responsible for searching and analyzing digital devices taken into custody from the crime scene. His precision is what makes him phenomenal and stand out of the crowd as an important asset to Team FORENSICSWARE.