Nimisha @ Cyber Secuirty Consultant

A Creative Geek with a Heart of Technology Justice ” – this goes the perfect one liner about Nimisha Ramesh, the Sr. Cyber Security Consultant with team FORENSICSWARE. Her responsibilities includes tracking hacks, gathering and maintaining evidences, writing and reviewing investigative reports, working closely with police officers and other law enforcement units. Management and distribution of resources for the assignment in which FORENSICSWARE team is involved is safe within her hands. With experience of over 7 years in the cyber security and eDiscovery industry, currently she is in charge of implementing IT security into daily operations of our clients from Defense Department, Homeland Security or intelligence community. Her dedicated service provides FORENISCSWARE team full of energy and enthusiasm while dealing with any new threats of cyber crimes and investigation.


Nimisha Ramesh

Cyber Secuirty Consultant

From complicated to fraudulent cyber crimes - Team FORENSICSWARE deals with all those kind of digital scams that goes against the law and order of the country and Nimisha plays an important role in network building and also in making our clients familiar with the industry standard computer forensic technology to address entire eDiscovery life cycle with TEAM FORENSICSWARE. Her modus operandi is highly result oriented and clearly aim centric while providing state-of-the-art cyber investigations solutions for CBI, Delhi Police and other law enforcement, enterprise and government agencies.