Chief Technology Officer

Debasish Pramanik is the Co-Founder and CTO who frames critical responsibility for the technology policies and other research demanding objectives of team FORENSICSWARE. Under his visionary approach, team accomplishes the long term and short term projects and developments defining technology innovations and open standards. He is the primary face for team FORENSICSWARE while presenting at conferences and workshops for the law enforcement and other investigative agencies associated with our team.


Cyber Crime Investigations CBI Expert Witness

Debasish Pramanik

C.E.O, Forensic Evangelist

Debasish Pramanik, popularly acknowledged as the Co-Founder of CloudCodes & the Co-Founder of SysTools Software. His journey involved joining Assetlink as a developer of workflow management modules and later starting up his very own venture, SysTools. After conquering the arena of Data Recovery, and then EndPoint Backup, he is now all set to step into the world of Digital Forensics via FORENSICSWARE. By investing an input into the world of Cyber and Digital forensics he wants to show a way of exposing case evidences from a technological standpoint.