Computer & Network Forensic Researcher

He is an active Computer & Network Forensic (CNF) Researcher working with the Forensicware team. He is an extremely enthusiastic member who is always ready to explore the new challenges occurring in the Forensic arena. His sincere efforts in exploring the new forensic related terms and technicalities are followed by assisting the team in understanding the basics of the same. This has further helped the Forensicware team to reach new heights.

Overview of Research & Findings:

Aswin Vijayan

CNF Researcher

The dedicated researcher of Computer And Network Forensics and an enthusiast. He has helped Team FORENSICSWARE reach new heights in terms of knowledge as well as implementation by introducing the team with the latest forensics terminologies and technologies. His key to success was the combination of hard work required to explore and research the depths of forensics and the passion to conquer them.