Lab Setup

Customized Setup for Dedicated Cyber Investigation

An Introduction to Cyber LAB Setup

Reportedly, the first computer crime took place in the year 1978 involving alteration / deletion of data. The level of cyber crime has heightened simultaneously with the growth in the years since. In order to meet the needs of such demanding cases, a dedicated investigating environment has become a necessity over the past. The new age lab setups combine a more advanced and wider set of investigative devices and solutions made to forensically examine a variety of digital devices apart from computers only.


Why Do You Need A Cyber LAB Setup

Getting a lab set up will only be a motivation towards elaborated investigation of digital forensic evidences. One of the key factors for setting up a cyber-lab is exploring more about the new generation digital crime cases a pattern of which has changed over the past years. The sophisticated yet advanced level of cyber-attacks taking place currently comprises of many layers requiring levels of analysis consequently.

One Cyber Lab, Many Purposes !

With your own Cyber Lab setup, precisely investigating an entire range of digital forensic cases is possible under one roof. Starting from Computer forensics, Mobile forensics, Network forensics, to even the latest; Cloud forensics; all cases can be undertaken and investigated with the help of a fully equipped Cyber Lab.

How Do We Help Setup A Cyber Forensic LAB?

We not only help you set up a cyber-forensic lab, but offer you with the best grade of our hardware, software, services, data transmission accessories, and forensically beneficial devices for a specialized digital forensics. These essential components add up to your experience towards forensic investigation of digital data evidence available in the forms of hard disks, flash drives, RAM, circuits, or even cloud storage. While most of the equipments we supply are to help in evidence analysis, others offer preservation and prevention of evidence tampering.

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Equipments We Offer for LAB SETUP

Some of the basic yet highly essential equipments that we offer while setting up your cyber-forensics lab have been listed below:

  • Hardware Devices
  • Software Applications
  • Evidence Collection Accessories
  • Evidence Preservation Devices
  • Digital Data Investigation Kits
  • Other hardware Assemblage Tools
  • The Data Transmission Cables / Connectors

Our Hardware Devices Range

  • Hardware Devices
      Input » Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner
      Output » CRT & Flat Panel Monitors, Headphones, Printer, Projectors, Sound Card, Graphic Card, LCD Projection Panels, Surround Sound Speakers
      Processing Devices » Multiple Core Processor, Multiple Processor Motherboard, Chips
      Storage » RAM – DDR1 & DDR4, 5 TB & 6 TB - Hard disk drives
      Others » Internal/External/PC card modem, Network Card, Laptop Computers, Palmtops, Breadboards
  • Data Transmission Cables / Connectors
      Cables / Connectors » Ethernet Cables, Modular Adapters, Ribbon Cables, Din splits Cables, VGA Split Cable, USB Cables, Audio Cables, Cable Extenders, HDMI 1, 2, 3 Cables, DVI Cables, S Video Cables, DVI to DVI Cable, Serial Cables, Custom Serial Cable, SATA Cables, Optical Fiber Cable, Serial Attached SCSI
  • Additional Evidence Storage Devices
      TB size external hard drives, 16 GB or higher capacity pen drives, All disk formats supporting live or bootable CDROMS, Mobile device/camera/camcorder memory cards

Our Software Services

Software programs required for digital forensic evidence investigation that will be installed on lab workstations will include:

  • Forensic Disk Imaging Tool
  • Mobile Field Kit
  • Data Recovery And Restoration Tool
  • Different Operating Systems
  • Registry Rebuilding Application
  • Password Recovery and Data Decryption Tool
  • Media Content Indexing Tool
  • Digital Media Procurement And Backup Tool
  • Packet Capturing and Analysis Tool
  • Antivirus Program
  • Programming languages
  • Open Source File Viewers

Other Miscellaneous Requisites

  • Specialized Forensic Workstation » Configured with large capacity hardware devices, Pre-installed with forensic purpose software solutions, Evidence protection and preservation devices integrated.
  • Evidence Collection Accessories » Mobile Data Investigation Kit.
  • Evidence Preservation Devices » RF Shield Bags (Large, Medium, Small).
  • Other Hardware Assemblage Tools » Wiring harness, Wall mounts, Cable ties, Wall plugs, Stainless steel Hose clamps, Fiberglass sleeves and tubes for wires, Round cable clips, Crystal plug connectors, Power cords, Hand-tools, Anti-static pads.

Additional Services

Hardware and software applications that we set up for your Cyber Lab will be run for a validation and testing purposes at the end of Lab Setup. In addition to that expert and technicians will also provide a demonstration for using the hardware and software components installed in the lab setup.

Our Achievements in Lab Setup

You can also go through our various case studies to learn how we helped several enterprises and investigators set up their own Cyber forensic laboratories.