Designing Cyber Security System For Enterprises

Consultancy and Assistance to Prevent Cyber-Security Risks and Saving Information Against any Kind of Potential Loss. Get an Expert Road-Map towards Saving Enterprises from Cyber Attacks and Implement Practices for the Same.


Cyber Security: An Absolute Need of Businesses

Computer systems over the globe are connected through the internet and the information flow through the cyberspace has the risk of being compromised. Adopting technology and practices to protect hardware, software, and unauthorized access to the database is what we term as Cyber-Security.

Software Security

Software applications are misused for stealing information, for introducing vulnerabilities to the system, for monitoring key loggers, for infecting machines with worms, virus, or malware.The most common techniques used for malicious attacks include buffer overflow, SQL injections, command injection and many others. The consequences include DoS (Denial of Service), abnormal behavior of software, security breach, or even a system crash.


Preventing confidential information by converting it into cipher (an unreadable text) is called cryptography. To decipher the data, a secret key is used. Cryptography is commonly used electronic security system that used for emails, credit card details, communication between web browser and Server, etc. The security system implemented for protection can be a breakdown by cryptanalysis where the cipher is decrypted using modern techniques.

Hardware Security

Hardware is the core of computing system and fundament for working of software, algorithms, and the protocols in use. Preventing the hardware and network services from active and passive attacks like port scanner, DoS, SQL injection, cyber attack is the foremost requirement of enterprises. The experts with us help businesses to plan an infrastructure to create a security shield against possible risks.

Cyber Security and Privacy

Cyber security embraces number of challenges in protecting the digital information. Copyright infringement, information thefts, email bombing, pharming are some of the aspects that put cyber-security at risk. Emails are a helpful source for evidence recovery to demystify the crime-cases. Collecting artifacts from web and desktop mail clients have been a made easy with numerous mail analysis tools.