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How to Open FTK Image File to Examine Forensics Evidence?

FTK image viewer
Written By Sambita 
Anuraag Singh
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Published On Jan 17th, 2024
Note: This technical guide doesn’t discuss how to create a file using an FTK imager rather it explains how to read/open an FTK image file using an FTK image viewer. So, if you have FTK E01 files that you want to view for forensics investigation then this is the guide for you. 

FTK or Forensic Tool Kit is a software application used by digital forensics investigators to examine and recover digital evidence. And, FTK image files are basically forensic images created with .e01 file extensions. The interesting fact about these files is that they are platform-specific. That means you can view/open/read those files if you have an FTK imager installed on your device. Otherwise, you can view the image files using the E01 Viewer Tool.

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Using FTK imager would burden your pocket, thus the cost-effective solution for you would be the above-mentioned software. Now, let’s glance through how you can use the tool to open FTK image files.

Read FTK Image File Using Professional Software

If you are a forensics investigator having multiple FTK image files that you want to read then downloading this software will save you a lot of time. Here’s the step-by-step procedure that you can follow to view the .e01 file.

Step 1. Launch and open the FTK image Viewer tool on your PC.

Step 2. After that, click on the Scan option present at the top left corner.

scan option of FTK image viewer

Step 3. Then, under ‘Select Filters’ click either All or Select File Types radio button as per requirement.

select filters

Step 4. Now, tick the EDB, PST, and OST checkboxes.

Step 5. Then, choose File or Folder option as needed.

select mode

Step 6. Next, click on the Browse option to select the FTK image file to view its content.

select the FTK image file

Step 7. Once the scan is complete, you’ll see the files found within the E01 file. Also, the tool will list the email files as per the selected File Type i.e. OST, PST, and EDB.

FTK image viewer

Step 8. With the FTK image viewer, you can perform the Search to filter particular email files.

Search option of FTK image viewer

Note: Along with the preview, if you want to extract the data then you can opt for the PRO edition of the tool.

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What are the Benefits of Using FTK Image File Viewer

There are several advantages of using professional software. Here are a handful of benefits.

1. User-friendly Interface

Whether you’re an experienced forensic examiner or a novice, you can easily read FTK image files with the tool thanks to its user-friendly interface.

2. Complete Metadata Preview

You can read FTK image files and analyze metadata associated with files within the forensic image. If you talk about metadata then it includes file creation dates, modification dates, and user details which will help you to examine the timeline of events during an investigation.

3. Advanced Search & Filtering

With the help of its Search and Filtering capabilities, you can quickly locate specific files or information within the forensic image.

4. Preserve Original Evidence

With the help of the FTK image viewer tool, you can examine the FTK image files without changing the original evidence. That means the integrity of the digital evidence is maintained throughout the investigation.

5. Multiple E01 File Preview

If you have more than one FTK image file then don’t worry. You can preview them using the tool. 

FTK Image File Viewer Use Cases

Let’s now take a look at the scenarios where you can use the tool. Mainly, it serves as a valuable tool in digital forensics scenarios. Such as;

1. Digital Forensics Investigation

The tool is of immense help when the investigators have a large volume of FTK image files that they want to read and examine simultaneously without modifying the original information.

2. Legal Proceedings

From the legal point of view, the FTK image viewer plays a crucial role. It allows forensic analysts and legal professionals to review and interpret evidence stored in FTK image files. Further, it ensures the file’s admissibility and credibility during legal proceedings.

3. Data Recovery

In some cases, the tool can be used to explore and recover data from damaged or compromised storage media.

4. Relevant Information Extraction

The tool can be used to extract relevant information that is pertinent to the investigation. [The PRO version of the above-mentioned tool can be used for data extraction.]

5. Training & Education

Sometimes, digital forensics professionals use the tool to train their newcomers such that they can practice and hone their skills in navigating through forensic images.


In the ever-evolving landscape of digital forensics, the FTK image file viewer serves as a versatile tool. From initial investigation to legal proceedings, it plays a crucial role in various stages of digital investigation. For forensic professionals, it’s an indispensable asset that can help them provide a detailed and non-destructive analysis of digital evidence present inside FTK image files. So, download the tool now to read FTK image files instantly.